The Mother Church of Modern Spiritualism

Member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches

We wanted you to know that we are the first Spiritualist Church in Rochester!

The Mother Church of Modern Spiritualism is located at 29 Vick Park A

Come and visit today!





No matter how you found your way here, we would like to “welcome” you to the Plymouth Spiritualist Church, the “Mother Church of Modern Spiritualism.”   We would like to express our commitment to help you along your pathway of discovery, as you unlock your unique spiritual gifts. It is our desire to help you gain a deeper personal connection with Spirit, realizing that we are all connected together in a beautiful, mysterious way, as one. When we say “Together We Are One,” it is our hope that this declaration will have personal meaning to you, as it does to us. Again, please let us “welcome “you.

“As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of truth.

Plymouth Spiritualist Church is where you are free to grow and discover your “personal truth.”  Whether this is a first step on your personal spiritual journey or one of many, the Pathway to Plymouth program is designed to help provide you with keys to unlock your personal potential.  It will also help you discover a more meaningful connection with the essence of your being, unfolding the truth of your personal calling.

Join us for our Sunday Service at 10:30 AM. and always remember, you are welcome at Plymouth Spiritualist Church, come visit us today!